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2 Metres App: Online Museum Store

There is a quick, easy and cost-efficient solution for all small web or pop-up stores: the K3|imagine 2 Metres Self-order tool. With this URL based online tool, customers can view the selection of items, place orders, pay and select the delivery method wherever they are, using their own device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Self-Order: Beer Gardens

Managing table service outside can be challenging though. You never know how many staff to book and can easily get caught out by surges in footfall when the weather changes. The pressure on bar staff is high when you’ve got a busy beer garden, and outside table service for drinks & food might not be something many pubs can offer throughout a service. How can you decrease staff stress levels and increase customer satisfaction at the same time?

Embedded retail and the legacy of lockdown

Clever strategies for the implementation of embedded retail mean there needs be no loss of customer service during the transitional phase, but the period of closures and slowing trade due to Covid-19 could also present excellent opportunities for retailers to transition to touchpoints that consumers either need during lockdown, or will find reassuring when stores eventually reopen.


How can we help? When it comes to K3|imagine, no question is too big or too small. We offer support […]

Donated Goods App

How can software help to make life easier for charity shop volunteers?